It’s still a special thing to walk on a sheet of glass above the abyss. This is what designers are exploiting and what glass manufacturers are trying to achieve. They create glass structures that can achieve these parameters. The most commonly used walkable glass is the glass staircase in combination with a walkable glass slab. The most important thing for a walk-on glass (tread glass) is the support, the minimum thickness of the glass structure. The stair treads are usually fixed by gluing or through countersunk holes. The walk-on glass slab can also be an eel-horn roof, for which, as for all walk-on glass, we recommend a real anti-slip coating. Pigment fibres of ceramic paint fired into the surface of the glass can prevent slipping. The span of the glass slab can be increased with a lower support structure, which can be a glass beam. A popular design for a walkable glass slab is also the insulated structure. On request, with or without on-site installation, delivered in Budapest or at our premises in Orosháza.