Quality Policy Statement

The Glass World Ltd. Quality Policy Statement!

In order to ensure the successful operation and efficiency of Üveg-Világ Kft., the management of the Company strives to continuously improve and perfect the operation of its processes, thus contributing to the satisfaction and trust of its customers and all stakeholders. All our work partners actively participate in this process.

Our main objective is to ensure that the quality of our products and services is always in line with our own and our customers’ needs.

The commitment of our managers to quality, their leadership by example and their conscious role in quality improvement are testimony to this.

We make it our mission to:

  • to supply products of a reliable quality and price range that meet the needs of the market
  • to serve our customers on time, on a flexible, daily basis
  • Develop balanced, long-term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers
  • continuous training and education of our employees to be proactive in improving quality and reducing costs, and to be effective in their work

Everything for the customer, not a slogan, a fact!
For the next thirteen years, we look forward to welcoming you, both those for whom we have already proved ourselves and those for whom we have not yet.

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