In the construction industry, it is perhaps the handrails that have undergone the biggest technical changes. The heavy anchoring elements and columns have been removed. Anchoring options are bottom and side line, can be single suspended and intermittent along the line, and side point catching. There is nothing in the field of view but the handrail, of course you can choose between wooden and metal handrail elements. Without a handrail you have to change the type of glass, ESG/VSG is not suitable in this case, if some extreme external physical impact breaks both panes of glass, the there is nothing to prevent the ejection. The customer still doesn’t want a handrail because it interferes with the view, there is an option to leave the handrail off completely or partially. In this case, the glass structure on the supporting side (the inside in the case of a terrace) should be ESG (tempered), while the other side should be TVG (thermally strengthened).
This way, the glass will not collapse due to the different fracture patterns. Of course, it has to be replaced, since it is broken, but no accident occurs.

Think about these lightweight, slim and safe railing solutions from the design stage, giving your terrace or upstairs entrance a new look.

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