With this product range (we have been looking for the best value for money product for a long time) we have expanded our range on the Hungarian window and door market. Also, we do not have to endure unnecessary stiffening posts and connecting elements in the way of a clear view. We can fully open our terrace or balcony and have a good view even when closed, as there is nothing to obstruct us. We can use the extra floor space of our apartment or house in all seasons. The areas that have been only partially used up to now will be even more useful, as we can exclude the weather changes. There will be space for flowers, a pool table, etc.., and in inclement weather it will also separate and protect our home.
The installation will be carried out by our specialists, who will propose a solution after a survey and consultation, and then, after the production and installation, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of the Balcony-World-Plus Sliding Glass Wall System.
The Balcony-World-Plus is already a thermal insulation system, but the protection provided by the 4-12-4mm toughened safety glass is enough to allow you to try out unprecedented possibilities in a wide range of weather conditions. The winter sun is shining, but the wind is blowing, it’s cold…not any more, Balcony-Wind-Plus.