Factory surface treatment of glass. Think about it when ordering.

Surface protected glass – ClearShield



30 years on the market. Learn more about ClearShield!

The first and only is the ClearShield glass surface protection system, which, in addition to being used in many parts of the world since its market launch in 1981, boasts the following innovations:

  • Durable glass surface protection is “non-sticky”, easy to clean and has low maintenance properties.
    Procedures for restoring stained and discoloured glass without harsh chemicals and abrasive methods.
    Simple and economical aftercare/maintenance for glass with ClearShield protection.
    Complete system for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass surfaces.
    Glass surface treatment that is not considered hazardous by health, safety and environmental regulations.
    Durable glass surface treatment that is easy to apply either on site or in factory conditions.
    A solution for durable glass surface protection that can be applied before, during and after construction.
    Energy savings and architectural glass; reduces the need for regular cleaning of building glass structures by an average of 50%, significantly reduces carbon emissions, labour costs, water and cleaning materials used.
    Natural daylighting and architectural glass; maintains the original light transmission of glass, enhancing the health, well-being and productivity of building occupants.
    Energy conversion efficiency and solar energy panels; ensures efficiency by maintaining original light transmittance.
    Anti-bacterial, health and hygiene; the first transparent and re-applicable glass surface protection that resists bacteria, fungi and viruses from settling and growing.
    Direct contact with food, resistance to high temperatures, kitchen glassware, ovens; the first transparent and reapplicable glass surface protection to meet European Union and American standards.




Problem solving:

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