With the modern decorativeness of the glass surface, its decorative use in the apartment, house has increased. Kitchen back wall, wall decoration, at first a glass surface was used in the kitchen because, it was extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Today’s needs have already grown beyond this, let decoratability be the main consideration in addition to hygiene. The greatest emphasis is on uniqueness, as already printed glasses produce every little detail. Applying photographic designs or even unique vector graphic images to the surface of the glass is already solved. We will help you realize your dream, you will dream it if you need a little help and we will prepare it. The kitchen is the place where we spend the most time, be pleasing and creative, love to be there. Murals are custom-made relics, whether it’s a family comic or the garden chapel… we will help you with this. On request, with on-site installation or without installation, handed over in Budapest or at our orosháza site.